Activate Multi-Site License Tally Prime

Activate Multi-Site License TallyPrime

Activate Multi-Site License Tally Prime

A Multi-Site license is more than one installation of Silver or Gold activated on different machines or locations using the same serial number. The location of the machine where is activated is called Site and each site is given a unique identification by the user which is termed as Site ID. Various sites belonging to an entity are grouped together to form a Multi-Site Account. The account is identified using a unique Account ID which is created using your valid E-Mail address. The associated Tally Partner has to create the Account ID before activating the multi-site licenses.

1 . Start TallyPrime.

  • Press A (Activate New License) in the Startup screen.
    Alternatively, press F1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > F6 (Activate).

    • Activate Multi-Site License Tally PrimeIf you do not have the rights to activate TallyPrime, then the following screen will appear:
    • Press Enter to restart with administrator rights.
  • Press Alt+S (Multi-Site) to view the Site License Activation screen.
  • Enter the Serial Number and Activation Key.
  • Enter the Account ID to which you want to add this license.
  • Enter the Site ID. The Site ID should be a unique name to help you identify this license.
  • Enter the e-mail ID/Tally.NET ID of the Site administrator.

  • Press Enter to save. The License screen appears as shown below:
    Activate Multi-Site License Tally Prime
  • Click Create New Site to activate the license for a new site.
  • Press Enter to view the Unlock License screen.
  • Enter the Unlock Key sent to the site administrator’s e-mail ID.
    Activate Multi-Site License Tally Prime
  • Press Enter to unlock your license.
    A confirmation message appears after you unlock your license. You have successfully activated a license for a new site in your account.
    Activate Multi-Site License Tally Prime


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