Complete Guide On How To Access Tally From Mobile

Complete Guide On How To Access Tally From Mobile

Accessing Tally on mobile is as easy as installing an application on a smartphone. You only need strong internet connectivity, a Tally account, and a legitimate software license. You could access every other report generated by Tally on your mobile on the cloud, like Accounts ledgers, GST Reports, cashbooks, Profit and Loss Accounts, etc. Apart from accessing accounting and financial reports, accounting entries can also be made on the cloud-based Tally ERP. Thus, bookkeeping and accounting is not a difficult job at all.

 With Tally on the cloud, you can access all your business data and reports on your mobile phone. Tally ERP9 data instantly at one touch, which is designed for both Android and iOS mobile user

How can You access Tally from Mobile?

A cloud service provider manages software and resources in the cloud. With a strong internet connection, you can easily access Tally ERP on any cloud platform. Tally on Cloud is designed with sleek and useful features to integrate your business processes to produce the best information and reports for easy decision-making.

Follow the given below steps to get started –

Step 1: Download the Tally app from the play store or app store

Step 2: Log in with your email and password

Step 3: Check Tally Report on the phone

Step 4:Use a visual dashboard and monitor business anytime

Step 4: Create an account on Tally  and start using the app

Advantages of using a Tally account on Mobile Phones

Following are a few advantages of using a tally on mobile phones

  • The most important benefit of using a Tally on mobile is the flexibility of accessing a wide range of reports and accounting records from any location. It is as effective as it would’ve been on a PC as far as usage is concerned.
  • Users get a full database where they can access and analyze journal entries and other transactions recorded. Tally on Cloud is designed with simplicity. Thus, users find it easy and convenient to use.
  • Tally on the cloud has a very interactive user interface which makes it easy to use. Data on the cloud is usually more secure than in physical locations. There is a negotiable risk of data being lost or leaked due to security breaches.
  • Data on Cloud is synced on a real-time basis in a highly encrypted format making it difficult to access any unauthorized users. Tally on Cloud is designed with an additional feature of a tutorial guide initially when you install the software on the cloud for the first time. It makes it easy for new users to get familiar with the interface of the Tally ERP.
  • Tally on the cloud has the inherent feature due to its centralized server that the authorized user can make any entries on the database from any location.
  • Reconciliation may be made at regular intervals. This may cause a lot of headaches for businesses. With Tally on the cloud, branches’ data entries are integrated in real-time in the head office books of accounts. Cloud software is feasible in cost and time-efficient as compared to the on-premise setup

Thus, Tally on the cloud can be accessed anywhere on any device. Not just android or Ios mobiles but any device with access to the internet and a browser to access the websites.

Difference between Installed Tally and Cloud-Based Tally

As you are aware, Tally on mobile is a cloud-installed software. It is important to understand the difference and the cost and benefit analysis between using a cloud-based application and an installed application –

Basis of Difference Installed Tally Tally on Cloud
1. Installation and Maintenance Tally ERP is installed on the hard drive of your computer system. you will be required to incur the installation and maintenance costs. Installation on the user’s computer is not required. Update and maintenance are defined responsibilities of the service provider
2. Accessibility When the tally is installed on the physical locations of the business, to access the tally the user has to get to the computer system. As the tally is installed on the cloud platform, users can access the software from any location on any device with strong internet.
3. Data Storage  Data is physically stored on the premises of the users. Thus, Users have full control over the data Data is stored on the cloud server of the service provider. Authorized users will have control over the data.
4. Data Security As the data are stored on the physical hard drives of the users. There may exist instances of security breaches Data on Tally Cloud is secured by way of encryption which is difficult to decode by an unauthorized user.
5. Performance The performance of Installed Tally ERP on your computer system depends largely on the hardware specifications. The performance of Tally on Cloud depends on the speed of the internet. Slow internet means slow access to information resulting in operation loss.
6. Flexibility Additional extensions are being developed by Tally Solutions for the Installed Tally ERP 9 software for users Almost most of the extensions are also available for cloud users as well. Apart from them, Tally Solutions have also prepared a few other extensions for better-centralized integrations of the software.
7. Mobile Application Using the Tally ERP software on mobile is not currently possible since the software is not yet developed for mobile application yet by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. Mobile applications become very easy as the internet is becoming a common phenomenon. As technology evolves mobile technology is becoming an industry norm that makes the cloud-based application future-oriented.


Accessing Tally on mobile is not at all difficult and can be more efficient to use as evidenced from its advantages. With Tally on Cloud, recording and bookkeeping have become much more feasible and easy. Rather than following the method of installing the software on multiple computer systems. One could access Tally on the cloud from multiple devices and extract the required information at any time.

Similarly, Data entries could be made from multiple locations, and all the data is being processed with the strong computing power of the service provider. Thus, using the best potential of Tally with low cost can be made through tally on the cloud. Tally Solution has developed its cloud platform, TallyStack, where you can buy the server at the lowest cost.
You can use the Biz Analyst application to manage your business effectively. It syncs with Tally data making it easy to access even if you’re offline or on the go. You can manage the accounts, create ledger entries, access business reports, and more to keep your business on the right track.


Q: What are a few advantages of using a Tally Account on Mobile?


The most important benefit of using a tally on mobile is the flexibility of accessing a wide range of reports and accounting records from any location. Apart from it, you will not be required to maintain the physical computer system. Rather, the service provider will incur the cost of keeping the cloud system.


Q: How much do you need to pay each month or annually for Tally on Cloud?


For Tally on Cloud, you can take the monthly or annual subscription by paying accordingly to the service provider. You can also purchase the Tally ERP software license and renew its subsequent subscription whenever needed. However, it is not as expensive as compared to other accounting services. Thus, the initial cost will be less in this option, and you could save your Capital for productive use in the operation of the business. Based on the Analysis, your priority is to focus on the operation of the business, and thus, you should choose the Tally on Cloud option for an easy and better experience.


Q: Based on Cost Analysis, Which option is more cost-effective between Tally on Cloud and Installed Tally on physical computer Systems?


For, Tally is to be installed on your computer. You need a physical computer system that requires an initial capital expenditure of a huge sum. Apart from it, you will be required to purchase the license copy of the Tally ERP software and renew its subsequent subscription. Thus, initially, a huge sum of your Capital would be blocked in arranging the assets and building the computing resources to run the software that could otherwise be used to expand the business operation.


Q: What are the steps to access Tally on Mobile?


A cloud service provider manages software and resources in the cloud. With a strong internet connection, you can easily access Tally ERP on the platform. The tally account can be used from multiple locations with a license providing flexibility of accessing from any device that includes PC, Laptop, iPad, Android, or iOS.


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