Email a Voucher as PDF in Tally 7.2

Email a Voucher as PDF in Tally 7.2


Tally 7.2 is a very old version of Tally Software, but it’s still in use because to its easy of use.

Over the period of time Tally has release so many new versions with new features. But Tally 7.2 has missing these features and email a voucher is one of them.

So today we are going to help you to send a voucher as PDF by email.

Well if you are using Tally 7.2 and need to know more about Tally 7.2 or looking for the data migration to the latest version of Tally than you can refer our details guide Tally 7.2 Download, Upgrade & Data Migration.

If you didn’t have Tally 7.2 and want to have a hand on then you can download the software from this link.


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