Evolution Of Tally – Infographic

Evolution Of Tally – Infographic

Evolution of Tally – Infographic

Evolution of Tally
Tally Solutions was established in the early 1980s. Mr. Bharat Goenka, the man behind Tally ERP 9 had dreamt to develop this software with advanced technologies keeping pace with time and business requirements. Technologies is a trusted partner of Tally Solutions almost since its inception and have 6 branches, 200+ expert Tally Professionals, and more than 25,000+ satisfied global customers in Dubai, Mumbai, Pune, and other cities.

Technologies is a one-stop solution for all your accounting needs providing complete Tally-based solutions, which include installation, support, migration, customization, integration, training, and Tally Software Licence.

Different Versions of Tally

Over the years Tally released its various versions and each new version brought about some major improvements. Let’s get acquainted with each version of Tally Software.

Below is a brief summary of how Tally evolved over each preceding version to the present Tally ERP 9 [read the infographic bottom up] and become the most popular and widely used ERP software today globally for small businesses.

Tally 3.0:

Tally released this version in 1990 wherein it supported only the Basic Accounting needs of small businesses. This version required some predefined commands for the software to be operated. This version only ran on Microsoft DOS and was unable to run on Windows OS.

Tally 3.12: Established in 1991, this version of Tally focused on the basics of accounting somewhat similar to version 3.0.

Tally 4:

1992 was the year for version 4 of Tally. Like its predecessors, it also supported DOS-based accounting as it could not be run on the windows operating system

Tally 4.5:

Tally released this version in 1994 which ran on MS-DOS and focused on financial accounting systems. This version focused on accounting activities such as Ledgers Classification Vouchers Entry. It offered simple financial reports and scrutiny of debtors and creditors in the business.

Tally 5:

The year was 1996 when Tally released its upgraded version to Tally 4.5 working on the Windows operating system. This version comprised inventory modules that involved detailed inventory, structure invoicing, and integrating accounting and inventory records.

Tally 5.4:

This version released in 1996 was an enhanced module over its earlier 5.0 version. It had the capacity of importing data facility with the help of which it was able to convert earlier data formats into the current data format.

Tally 6.3:

Released in 2001, this version was an extension of enterprise systems wherein it interacted with another system through Open DataBase Connectivity.

Tally 7.2:

This version was released a decade ago in 2005. It’s an integrated enterprise system that provides various types of taxes such as TDS, VAT & TCS along with Service Tax modules

Tally 8.1:

Released in 2006, this version is software that supports multi-languages. It supports 10 languages.

Tally 9:

Released in 2006, this is an enhanced version of the earlier 8.1. It supports 13 languages, including foreign ones, and also includes Payroll, and POS (Point of Sales).

Tally ERP 9:

This released in 2009 which is a complete business solution. This version offers different features such as remote access, commanding data security, tally.net, and several more.

Tally Prime :

This is the latest version released in 2020 completely revolutionizes the look of the software. Along with the look, it also changes the navigation process and makes the software even more simpler to use.

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