How to cancel E-invoicing in E-invoice Portal

How to cancel E-invoicing in E-invoice Portal

How to cancel E-invoicing in E-invoice Portal

E-invoice1.gst.gov.in or the e-invoice portal is the first invoice registration portal in India. E-invoicing system maintained by the National Informatics Center (NIC) for generating and cancel IRN for GST e-invoices. The e-invoicing system became applicable from 1st October 2020 for those taxpayers who has a cross 500 crores turnover and from 1 Jan 2021 for those taxpayers who has cross 100 crores turnover. The CBIC has decided that e-invoicing under GST will be applicable from 1st April 2021 for businesses with an aggregated turnover of more than Rs.50 crores (in any financial year from FY 2017-18 onwards).

There are various facilities provided on einvoice1.gst.gov.in ore-invoice portal. you can generate, cancel, print e-invoicing under GST from the portal. you can also generate bulk or single e-way bill and print. if you are using Tally Prime you can easily generate E-invoice from tally Prime. Tally prime Provide all feature for e-invoice, for example, single -e-invoice generation, Bulk e-invoice generation, cancel e-invoice, undo IRN Cancellation, and get IRN information From Portal

1 –How to cancel E-invoicing under GST From E-invoice Portal.

e-invoice portal will process each invoice one at a time. GST-e-invoice can be cancelled on the IRP only within 24 hours. Further, the whole of the invoice would have to be cancelled since partial cancellation is not possible. Amendments to an e-invoice cannot be carried out on the e-invoice portal.

While cancellation on the e-invoice portal is allowed only within 24 hours, amendment and cancellation of e-invoices are allowed on the GST e-invoice portal as per the provisions of GST law. This implies that amendments and cancellations of e-invoice would continue to be made while reporting in Form GSTR-1.

2 – To cancel a GST-e-invoice on the e-invoice portal, a taxpayer has to follow these steps


Step 1:- Go to on e-invoice portal which is https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/


Step 2:- Press login



Step 3:- Fill in admin User id and password. if you are not registered so kindly registered first and after that login again. if you have an e-waybill login id or password then you can log in.



Step 4:- select E-invoice and then select cancel e-invoice from the given list.


Step 5:- you have three choices for cancel GST-e-invoice.


  • By IRN (Invoice Reference Number)
  • By Acknowledgement number
  • By Date
Step 6:- Select any method and fill in details then click Go.
Step 7:-  Select given below reasons for cancellations for GST-e-invoice.


  1. Order cancellation by a buyer
  2. Incorrect entry
  3. Duplicate entry, etc.
cancel-gst-e-invoice-on e-invoice-portal-screen-4


Step 8:- Enter Your Remarks and submit
cancel-gst-e-invoice-on e-invoice-portal-screen-5


Now your GST-e-invoice has been cancelled. you can print cancelled GST-e-invoice.

Points to be noted before cancel GST-e-invoice

  • If a GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) will be cancelled, then, the same invoice number cannot be used again to generate another GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number). If it will be used again, the invoice will be rejected by the e-invoice portal, when reported. This is because, e-invoicing under GST or IRN is a unique reference number for invoices generated based on the GSTIN, document/ invoice number, type of document & financial year it has been issued in.
  • If an e-way bill for e-invoicing under GST or IRN has been generated then cancellation of IRN will not be permitted by the e-invoice portal.
  • In case a GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) will be cancelled, then GSTR-1 will also be automatically updated with ‘cancelled’ status.
  • If an invoice has to be cancelled after 24 hours, the taxpayers can only cancel the same manually on the GST portal before filing the GST returns.
  • Amendments in the e-Invoice are allowed only through the GST portal as per the provisions of GST law.3-How to Undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation in Tally Prime.In certain situations, you may have cancelled the GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) for a particular voucher in TallyPrime, but you may want to undo this cancellation. For example, this might be needed when you had selected the wrong voucher for cancellation, or 24 hours have already passed since GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) generation, and the GST-e-invoice System won’t accept the cancellation anymore. In such cases, you can undo the GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation.
The Undo Cancellation feature is available in the Pending for GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation, Exported for GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation, and Marked as GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancelled sections of the e-Invoice report. You can select the required voucher from any of these sections and proceed to undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation.
When you undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation for the selected voucher, it will remove the details of the cancellation, such as the Cancelled status, the reason for cancellation, and the Remarks, and move the voucher to its original section in the e-Invoice report.
Important Note:- 
The Undo Cancellation feature is applicable only for the e-invoices cancelled in TallyPrime, and it does not undo the cancellation updated in the e-Invoice portal. If a voucher is not cancelled on the e-Invoice portal, then it should not be marked as cancelled in TallyPrime.
Step 1:- Go to Gateway of Tally 👉 Display More Reports 👉 GST Reports 👉 e-Invoice 👉 press Enter.
Alternatively, Alt+G (Go To) 👉 type or select e-Invoice 👉 press Enter.


Step 2:- kindly Drill down from the required section, which can be either Pending for IRN Cancellation, Exported for IRN Cancellation, or Marked as IRN Cancelled.


Step 3:- Press Alt+F5 for more details. You can see details of the cancellation, such as Reason for Cancellation and Remarks.
Alternatively, Press F12 (configure) 👉 enable details 👉 press Enter or CTRL + A for accept screen.
Step 4:- Select the voucher for which you want to undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) cancellation.


Step 5:- Press Alt+B from the keyboard (Undo GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Cancellation). The following message will appear:


Step 6:- Press Enter or press “y” to proceed.
This will remove details of the cancellation (such as the Reason for cancellation and Remarks), and the voucher will be moved to its original section.

How to Get GST-e-invoice or IRN (Invoice Reference Number) Information in Tally Prime from e-invoice portal.

Sometimes, you may have generated or cancelled the GST-e-invoice IRN for vouchers in the offline mode using TallyPrime or some other software and offline Tools(or directly on IRP or e-invoice portal ), and you may want to import the GST-e-invoice IRN information for those vouchers in TallyPrime. You can do so using the Get IRN Info facility, which will import the latest IRN, Ack. No., and Ack. Date along with the QR Code from the e-Invoice system to the vouchers. The facility is provided in the relevant sections of the e-Invoice report, such as Pending, Exported, or Rejected by e-Invoice System, where you can fetch the latest GST-e-invoice IRN information and update the vouchers.
Step 1:- From the e-Invoice report, drill down from the relevant section. Go to “For IRN generation”  in the pending section.
Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-1


For example, you can see the Pending for IRN generation screen.
Step 2:-  Select the voucher from the help of the space bar and press Alt+L (Get IRN Info). The following screen appears:
Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-2


Step 3:- Press Enter or press “y” to proceed.
Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-3
Step 4:- Specify the e-Invoice Login details in the following screen, and press Enter to continue.
Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-4


You can track the status of the upload on the following screen:
Get-gst-e-invoice-from-e-invoice portal-screen-5
TallyPrime will fetch the latest GST-e-invoice IRN information from the e-invoicing system. The voucher will be updated and moved to the IRN Generated section.

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