How To Implement Edit Log And Digital Signature In Tally Prime

How To Implement Edit Log And Digital Signature In Tally Prime

The Ministry of corporate affairs MCA has asked businesses with B2B clients having a turnover of 20cr and above to have accounting software with a complete edit log of all user activities. To suffice this statutory requirement, Tally introduced two different versions of Tally Prime 2.1 viz. Tally Prime 2.1 Edit Log and Tally Prime 2.1.

One of the best advantages of using Tally is, you do not need to spend money for any new feature introduced in Tally. Thus, once you have purchased Tally Prime and have an active Tally Software Service (TSS) Subscription, you can upgrade Tally for every new feature introduced in Tally for as long as you use it.

Digital Signature has been introduced in Tally Prime 2.1 it is also one of the most awaited features in Tally. Earlier both the Edit log and Digital signature had to be installed in Tally using an addon or a plug-and-play TDL. But from this version onwards, you do not need any TDL or plug-and-play addon to keep a user log or use a digital signature.

How Do I Implement Edit Log In Tally?

There are 2 scenarios associated with implementing Edit Log in Tally.

Tally users using older versions of Tally – You can update your Tally version after renewing your TSS. Read this blog or contact your service provider for quick assistance.

2. New Tally user – In the case of a new Tally user, you already have the updated version of Tally.

You can start implementing the Edit trail in Tally by:

  • Create user logins by enabling Security Control.
  • Once the user logins are made, create entries as needed.
  • You can view the edit log by opening the ‘Day book’, and setting the date required.
  • Click on ‘Basis of Values’ from the right side panel.
  • Press ‘Enter’ for ‘Show Report For’. It shows you 3 options to view reports for Altered vouchers, Non-altered vouchers, and All vouchers. Select any of the three options as required.
  • You can also set ‘Include Deleted Vouchers’ to ‘Yes’ to check the deleted vouchers.

The Edit Log report shows the User-wise and Date, Time-wise user activity log. You can also check the Edit log for the company. This report shows the different activities done by the admin including Edit log enabled, data split, data migrated, etc.

If you want some advanced-level features that allow you to have better control and supervision of your data, you can get a plug-in tool in Tally. This plug-in tool allows you to cite reasons for voucher alteration and many other special features Check this here.

Adding Digital Signature To Your Documents Is Very Easy –

Firstly, connect your dongle consisting of the digital signature certificate to your PC.

Go to the voucher or report which needs to be signed

Now press CTRL + E to send E-mail, CTRL + M to mail, or press CTRL + P to print as required.

Select format/printer as applicable

Next, click on digital signature and select the digital signature required from the list. Set ‘Ask before adding digital signature’ to ‘Yes’. Enabling this feature will allow Tally to ask you before adding a digital signature. to your documents while E-mailing, exporting, or printing documents.

You can add a digital signature with only ‘Text’ or ‘Text with image’ This includes logo image and hand signature image.

You can also validate a digital signature by –

  • Opening the digitally signed document, and clicking on the digital signature.
  • A dialogue box will appear confirming the originality of the document.
  • To further verify, you can select the ‘Signature Properties
  • It will show you the complete details like the logo, the hand signature, etc. and thus verify the validity of the signature.

This Digital Signature helps users by providing a basic digital signature. In case you want to explore digital signature further, to get a few additional features in Tally, you can check the Digital Signature in Tally add-on here.

If you have purchased a Tally license and are using any of the older versions, we highly recommend, updating your software to the latest version i.e Tally Prime 2.1 at the earliest to not only become statutorily compiled but to also stay competitive in your industry these features ensure high efficiency and reduce cost as well.

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