How to Online and Offline e-Invoice Generation on IRP Using TallyPrime?

How to Online and Offline e-Invoice Generation on IRP Using TallyPrime?

E-Invoicing is a system that allows the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to authenticate B2B invoices and credit Notes, debit notes (Transactions that affect your sales account) and all kinds of export invoices(Export Taxable, Export Lut Bond, Export exempt and nil rated) electronically. Accordingly, TallyPrime is here to provide a smooth e-invoicing experience for you and your business. Once your e-invoice is ready, the details should be reflected in GSTR-1.The GST Council, in its 39th meeting, has decided to implement a system of e-invoicing, which will be applicable to businesses having a turnover of more than 500 crores, effective from 1st October 2020, and to businesses having a turnover of more than 100 crores, effective from January 1, 2021. The GST council decided which businesses having a turnover of more than 50 crores, effective from April 1, 2021. Accordingly, TallyPrime’s e-invoice solution can be used by taxpayers, tax consultants, and other eligible entities. The experience is simple and is based on regular invoicing activity that does not require any special expertise.

(a) Register on E-invoice Portal or IRP (Invoice Registration Portal).


➤ Portal Login.



(II) Kindly Enter the GSTIN of your business in the following e-Invoice Registration Form, followed by the CAPTCHA code, and click Go.



(III) Enter the Company details, as required, and click Send OTP to verify the details. After That Enter the code received on your registered mobile number and click Verify OTP.




After verifying the OTP, you will be asked to enter a Username and Password to create your login credentials. Confirm and save the details.


(b) Create API(Application Program Interface) User Profile



(I) Create For API Kindly Visit E-Invoice Portal or IRP Home Page and After that Click on LOGIN
(II) Log in with the Username and Password which are you created earlier.

(III) Click API Registration User ➤ Credentials ➤ Create API User.



(IV) You get an OTP on your Registered Mobile Number. After That Enter the code received on your registered mobile number and click Verify OTP.
(V) Select Through GSP in the following API Registration screen:

(VI)  Select Tally (India) Private Ltd in the Select your GSP field.

E-Invoice-Create-API-user-and -password
Specify the API Username and Password (username and password Must have Alphanumeric and symbolic), and click Submit to save the details. A user profile will be created with Tally (India) Private Ltd as the GSP.
🠶Now Close your E-Invoice Portal and Go to Tally Prime

Enable E-Invoicing in TallyPrime

(I) Open your Tally Prime➢Open that company in which you want to apply E-invoice.
(II) Press F11 on Tally Prime Home screen and set Enable Goods and Services (GST) to Yes. The Company GST Details screen opens.
(III) Set the option E-Invoicing applicable to Yes. The related options for E-invoicing will now be visible
  • Applicable from:– Set the date from which your transactions will be applicable for e-invoicing.
  • Bill from place:– Specify the location where your supplies are billed from. Depending on your business operation, this can be either the same or different from the location where your supplies are shipped from.
  • Default period for the e-Invoice report:– Set the period for which the e-Invoice report will display the transactions. This will be set to 3 days by default, as per department regulations, which state that E-invoices must be generated within 72 hours of billing. However, TallyPrime will allow you to set a period between 1 and 31 days, as per your business requirement.
  • Send e-Way Bill details with e-Invoice:– TallyPrime provides you with the option to generate your e-Way Bill along with your e-invoice. If it would be beneficial for your business to send these details together, then you can enable this option.
(IV) Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save the details.

Update ISO Currency Code (For Exporters)

If your Company deals in exports, then you have to update the ISO currency codes for all your foreign currencies. The currency code is required by the department to identify the currency and the corresponding rate of exchange. Kindly follow some steps given below to implement it.
(I) Go to Gateway of Tally ➤ Alter ➤ Currency ➤ press Enter. (Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) ➤Alter Master ➤ Currency ➤ press Enter.)
(II) Select the foreign currency (for example, US Dollar ($)). You can also create a currency here if required.
(III) Select the Formal name and press Alt+H to open the List of Currency.
(IV) Select the relevant Currency Code from the list. The ISO Currency Code field will be updated accordingly.
(V) Update other details, as required, and accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save the details.


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