How to Send Documents Using TallyPrime with WhatsApp

How to Send Documents Using TallyPrime with WhatsApp

        TallyPrime Release 4.0 with WhatsApp enables you to share business documents directly from TallyPrime to the WhatsApp numbers of parties and stakeholders, in no time. You can share invoices, such as sales or purchase orders, payment receipts, delivery notes, and so on using the WhatsApp feature. Similarly, send financial reports and data trends to your stakeholders, reminder letters to parties for pending payments, and so on, using the WhatsApp feature.

Sign up for WhatsApp:
To use this feature, you will need to add and register a valid contact number with WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). It involves signing up for TallyPrime with WhatsApp through our trusted business solution provider (BSP) – Interakt. Know more…

Once you have completed your sign-up process, just add the registered number in TallyPrime, get access to the predefined templates from your Interakt account, and start sending documents to any WhatsApp number using the templates.

Share invoices and reports from TallyPrime:
Record an invoice and send it to one or more WhatsApp numbers. Drill down from your reports to open a voucher and instantly WhatsApp to your parties. If you wish to send a reminder letter for pending payments, simply open the outstanding report, drill down to the required entry to open the voucher, and share it from TallyPrime using a suitable template.

Secure use of TallyPrime with WhatsApp:
If your business practices allow only certain user roles or users for sending documents to customers or parties, configure the user roles in TallyPrime to avoid unauthorized usage of the WhatsApp feature. You can restrict users from:

  • Directly sending invoices when recording
  • Sharing one or more reports or types of vouchers
  • Using one or more Business WhatsApp Numbers for sending documents
  • Adding or modifying WhatsApp numbers

    Add a Registered Business WhatsApp No

    You need to add your registered business WhatsApp number in TallyPrime to be able to share invoices and reports from TallyPrime. If you have not yet registered a contact number with your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), refer to Sign up for WhatsApp and get onboarded to Interakt. When you add the number, you will need to log in to WhatsApp using your Interakt account credentials so that you are connected to the portal for sharing invoices and reports.

    When you send the documents to your parties through the registered number, they will receive the communication with your business name, ensuring that it is authentic.

    Before you add the registered business WhatsApp No. in TallyPrime, ensure the following:

    • Your subscription is active.
      1. Log in to the Interakt portal with your user credentials, click the Home icon
      2. Ensure that your subscription is active.
    • You have the default WhatsApp template, after completing the sign-up process on Interakt.
      1. On the left navigation pane on your Interakt account screen, click Templates.
      2. Ensure that the Utility sections list one or more templates approved by Meta.

    Once you have confirmed, you can now add the Registered Business WhatsApp No. in TallyPrime.

    1. Press Alt+M (Share) > Manage WhatsApp Nos.
      The Sign Up & Use Registered Business WhatsApp No. screen appears.
    2. Select the appropriate option to proceed.

      1. If you have not yet signed up for WhatsApp, press W (Sign Up & Subscribe). This will open the Customer Portal webpage where you can submit a sign-up request for WhatsApp for Business. Refer to Sign Up for WhatsApp & Onboard to Interakt for more information.
      2. If you have already signed up for WhatsApp and adding the number in TallyPrime for the first time, press A (Enter WhatsApp Details).
        The WhatsApp No. Details screen appears.
    3. Add the WhatsApp No. details.
      1. Enter the Registered Business WhatsApp No.
      2. Enter the Business Name and press Enter.
        Your Business Name can either be the name of your company in TallyPrime or the legal name of your business.
        A confirmation message appears on the screen, as shown below:
      3. Press Enter to confirm for login.
        If you select No, the number gets added to your Company. However, you will need to log in before sending documents using this number,

        1. Press Alt+M (Share) > Manage WhatsApp No.
        2. Select the WhatsApp No. for which you want to log in, and press Enter.
    4. In the Login for WhatsApp screen, enter the Username and Password that you use to log in to your Interakt account, and press Enter.login-for-whatsapp

    A successful login connects you with WABA through the Interakt portal. It also retrieves all the predefined WhatsApp templates from your Interakt account into TallyPrime. You can select and preview the templates while sharing documents through WhatsApp. To know more, refer to WhatsApp Templates.

    Modify WhatsApp number details

    Once you have added your WhatsApp number details in TallyPrime, you can start sharing invoices and reports to your desired parties. However, TallyPrime provides you with the flexibility to update your Business Name or WhatsApp number at any point in time.

    1. Press Alt+M (Share) > Manage > WhatsApp Nos.
      The Select WhatsApp No. the screen appears, as shown below:

    2. Select the Registered Business WhatsApp No. that you wish to modify and press Enter.
      The WhatsApp No. Details screen appears as shown below:
    3. Change the Business Name as per your requirement and press Ctrl+A to save.

    WhatsApp templates

    TallyPrime in WhatsApp comes with ready-to-use templates that will help you share your documents in a jiffy. To help you start sharing business documents at the earliest, without waiting for your designed templates to get approved by Meta, you will be provided with six predefined templates approved by Meta while adding your registered business WhatsApp number. Out of these twelve templates, six are meant for PDF files, while the other six are meant for JPEG images. These templates are designed to suit different business usages and you can use them to quickly share your documents from TallyPrime at the earliest. These templates are described in more detail in the following table. To know more, click here…

    Send Documents from TallyPrime with WhatsApp

    In your business, you might be sharing invoices or reports with your customers, parties, and others depending on the nature of transactions. For every sale, your buyer would need the sales invoice. For delivery of goods, the delivery person will need a delivery note. Similarly, you might want to remind your parties for the due payments, and so on. Now send documents directly from TallyPrime to your parties on their WhatsApp numbers.

    Before you start sending documents from TallyPrime, ensure that you have completed the following:

    Send documents from TallyPrime with WhatsApp


    In TallyPrime Release 4.0, you can send documents, such as sales or purchase invoices, payment or receipts vouchers, order vouchers, Bills Outstanding, reminder letters, and so on to the WhatsApp numbers of your parties. As always, sending documents through WhatsApp is a simple process.

    1. Record a transaction (say Sales) or open any report (say Sales Register).
    2. Press Alt+M (Share), and select Current under WHATSAPP.
      If you have not logged in for WhatsApp while adding the registered WhatsApp No. in TallyPrime, the Sign Up & Use Registered Business WhatsApp No. screen will appear.
    3. In the WhatsApp screen, specify the required details for sending the document.
      1. WhatsApp from: This is prefilled with your Registered Business WhatsApp No.
      2. WhatsApp to: Enter the WhatsApp No. of the recipient (the buyer).
        If you have set any default WhatsApp number in the party ledger, you can select the same in the WhatsApp field.
        To send the document to multiple mobile numbers at the same time

        1. Select Multiple Mobile Nos., select more than one number, or add new numbers as needed.
        2. Select End of List once you have selected or added the numbers.
      3. Select the required File Format and WhatsApp template suitable for the document, and press Enter.
    4. Press C (Configure) to add any required information, such as Company Logo, GSTIN, and so on, to the invoice.
    5. Press P (Preview) to preview the template with the attached sales invoice and the message that will be sent to the recipient.
    6. Press W (WhatsApp) to send the invoice to the recipient’s WhatsApp number.
      Whether your party is traveling, in a meeting, or at home, receiving the transaction details on WhatsApp on their phones makes it much more convenient for them to take immediate action.

    As you saw, sending any document to your parties is now easy using TallyPrime with WhatsApp. Ensure that you select the correct WhatsApp template applicable to the document that you are sending, and you are set.

    Let’s consider the following scenarios and the templates applicable while sharing the documents.

    Send an invoice with payment link

    In the WhatsApp screen, under WhatsApp template, select Party Template with Payment Link.

    The party receives the invoice in their WhatsApp in no time. From the WhatsApp message, your party can tap the Pay Now button and make the payment right then.

    Pay Slips to employees

    If your company generates pay slips and shares them with employees, then TallyPrime with WhatsApp makes it extremely easy. Within a few seconds, you will be able to WhatsApp the pay slips of all your employees to their smartphones.

    In the WhatsApp screen, under WhatsApp template, select Pay Slip Template for Employee, and press Enter.

    The employees will receive their respective pay slips in their WhatsApp in no time.

    Reminder Letters for Bills Receivables

    From TallyPrime, you can send Reminder Letters to your customers with the details of amounts outstanding against them, along with all details of the transactions and due dates. You can now send the Reminder Letters from TallyPrime with a QR code and payment link so that the customer can send you the pending amount at the earliest.

    In the WhatsApp screen, under WhatsApp template, select Common Template for Reports, and press Enter.

    Similarly, you can also share Confirmation of Accounts for Multi-Account Reports like All Ledger Accounts, One Ledger Accounts, and so on, with one or more parties by using the WhatsApp feature in TallyPrime.

    As you saw, select the appropriate WhatsApp template, and share your documents with parties on their WhatsApp numbers. If you want more specific templates for sharing documents, you can create new templates from your Interakt account, get the templates approved by Meta, and use them from TallyPrime. To know more, refer to  Create WhatsApp templates.

    Send One or All Tiles of the Dashboard


    TallyPrime brings you the flexibility of viewing your business information on a Dashboard for better analysis of data. View the summary of your financials, sales, and purchase trends, and so on in the form of tiles, and share a single tile or all the tiles of your dashboard with stakeholders for their easy reference.

    To know more about Dashboard and tiles, refer to the Use Dashboard in TallyPrime to Gain Business Information (TallyHelp Content) topic. open the Dashboard report and press Alt+M (Share).

      1. To send the current tile, select WHATSAPP > Current.
      2. To send all the tiles, select WHATSAPP > All Tiles.

        If you have not logged in with your valid credentials from Interakt, then the Sign Up & Use Registered Business WhatsApp No. screen will first appear to help you with the sign-up process. 

    1. Provide the required WhatsApp details, select the required file format and template, and press Enter.
    2. Configure or preview as needed and send documents through WhatsApp.

    Sharing reports from TallyPrime to your parties’ WhatsApp is not limited to only certain invoices and reports. Depending on your business requirements, you can leverage this feature for any document in TallyPrime – like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss A/c, Sales Register, Day Book, and so on.

    Send vouchers through WhatsApp to save

    Depending on your transactions or parties, you might need to share your invoices immediately; for example, when a sale or payment is done. You only have to configure the respective voucher type in TallyPrime and you are all set.

    For example, you want to share the sales invoice with your party immediately after recording it.

    1. Open the Voucher Type Alteration screen for Sales and configure.
      1. Press Alt+G (Go To) > Alter Master > Voucher Type > Sales.
      2. Press F12 (Configure) and set Allow sharing voucher through WhatsApp after saving to Yes.
    2. In the Voucher Type Alteration screen, set the WhatsApp voucher after saving to Yes, and press Ctrl+A to save.
    3. Record a sales invoice with the required transaction details, and press Ctrl+A.
      The WhatsApp screen appears.
    4. Update the WhatsApp numbers and other details and press W (WhatsApp) to send the invoice to the party.

    If you have not logged in with your valid credentials from Interakt, then the Sign Up & Use Registered Business WhatsApp No. screen will first appear to help you with the sign-up process. 

    Send documents to the Party’s default WhatsApp No.

    You might need to share your invoices with one or more parties frequently. Entering the WhatsApp number every time for one or more parties can be tedious and time-consuming. TallyPrime makes it simpler by allowing you to set the default WhatsApp number for your parties. Next time you want to send an invoice, selecting from the list of default WhatsApp numbers becomes so easy.

    1. Alter the party ledger and configure for default WhatsApp number.
      1. Press Alt+G (Go To) > Alter Master > Ledger, and select the party ledger.
      2. Press F12 (Configure), and set Default WhatsApp No. to Yes.
        If you want to specify more than one mobile number, you can set Provide multiple Mobile Nos. to Yes.
      3. Enter the Primary Mobile No.
        This number is automatically set as the Default WhatsApp No.
        If the party has multiple mobile numbers, you can select any other number as the Default WhatsApp No. Depending on your requirements, you can select more than one mobile number as the Default WhatsApp No.

        1. Under Default WhatsApp No., select Multiple Mobile Nos.
        2. In the Multiple Mobile Nos. screen, enter the Contact Name for each number, and press Ctrl+A to save.
      4. As always, press Ctrl+A to save the party ledger.
    2. Record a sales invoice for the party, and press Ctrl+Alt+W to share.
    3. In the WhatsApp screen, select the default WhatsApp No. under the WhatsApp to the field, and share the document.
      Ensure that the WhatsApp fromFile Format, and WhatsApp templates fields are filled in with appropriate details.

    You can also choose to set the Default WhatsApp No. to Not Applicable and enter the WhatsApp numbers of your parties manually whenever you want to send the documents through WhatsApp.

    Update Contact Details on the Interakt Portal


    You can send contact details of parties from the Ledger Contact Details report to register in the Interakt Portal, and the contact details will be updated in your Interakt account.

    1. In the Ledger Contact Details report, select the ledgers for which you want to send the Contact Names and Default WhatsApp No. to your Interakt account.
      Ensure that the ledgers you select have the Default WhatsApp No. field updated. If not, press Alt+H (Multi Alter) to update and save.
    2. Press Alt+S (Send Contacts to Portal), and select the Registered Business WhatsApp No. for which you need to send the contacts to the portal, and press Enter.
      The Exchange Summary appears, as shown below:
      exchange-summary-report-contactsTo know more, refer to the Exchange Summary section.

      Once you update the details and save this screen, the details get updated automatically in the respective party ledgers in TallyPrime. Isn’t that amazing?

    Share documents with all your parties


    Have you ever wondered if you can share a report for a particular ledger from Multi Account Reports? You can certainly do so and that too in just a few simple steps. If you want to share a Multi Account Report with all the associated parties, you can do so by updating the default WhatsApp numbers for all the party ledgers. To know more about updating the default WhatsApp numbers, refer to Send documents to Party’s default WhatsApp No. topic.

    1. Press Alt+M (Share) > Others under WHATSAPP > select Bills Receivable from Multi Account Reports.

      If you have not logged in with your valid credentials from Interakt, then the Sign Up & Use Registered Business WhatsApp No. screen will first appear to help you with the sign-up process. 

    2. Select WhatsApp and select All Ledgers.
    3. Select your required File Format and WhatsApp template, and press Enter.
    4. Configure and Preview, if needed, and press W (WhatsApp).

    Since you are sending the report to more than one mobile number, a progress bar will appear to highlight the process of sharing documents one by one. It is followed by an Exchange Summary highlighting that the messages have been exchanged successfully.

    To know more about the Exchange Summary for failures, refer to the Exchange Summary section.

    View Summary of WhatsApp Messages/Contacts Sent | Exchange Summary

    1. If you are sending messages to Multiple Mobile numbers, then an exchange summary appears highlighting that the messages have been exchanged successfully, as shown below:

    If you are sending the document to a single number, the exchange summary does not appear.

    While sending WhatsApp messages to parties, there might be a failure in sending the messages successfully due to different reasons. For example, the party’s mobile number might be incorrect or the WhatsApp Server might be down. In such situations, the Exchange Summary report displays the details of the failure along with the count of messages that were sent successfully.

    Based on the reason for failure, you can resolve the issue and share the document again.

    The Exchange Summary also appears when you try to update the contact details on Interakt. To know more, refer to the Update contact details in the Interakt portal section.

    When you use WhatsApp to share your documents from TallyPrime, you also experience flexibility and speed as a user. To summarise, TallyPrime focuses on saving your time and energy and ensuring that you reach out to most of your parties within a fraction of a second.

    Set Up Security for WhatsApp in TallyPrime

    In your business, you can set up security in TallyPrime for using the WhatsApp feature to avoid any unauthorized access. You can restrict User Roles from adding or modifying Business WhatsApp numbers and accessing one or more reports.

    You can also disallow one or more users from accessing the WhatsApp number added to your company.

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