Tally Audit Trail With Voucher History

Tally Audit Trail With Voucher History

A module which gives the entire trail of a voucher starting from when it was created and by whom and all the name of users who altered it and on what date.

Salient Features

  • The user never realizes that the information is being recorded while they create or alter a voucher.
  • A comprehensive report which shows when the voucher was created and altered, no. of times by whom and on when.
  • The report can be filtered for a date range or/and for a particular voucher type.
  • The report can be filtered for a ledger or/and all the standard filter parameters in default Tally.
  • The audit trail keeps track of all the users who created/altered the voucher at remote location and the voucher was synchronized to Head office. The report shows the entire trail with name of users at remote site who contributed by creating or altering vouchers.
  • The vouchers like sales invoice or purchase invoice shows entire trail starting from Sales order or Purchase order respectively. The report shall show when the sales order was created/altered and by whom, when the material was delivered and by whom and when the invoice was created and by whom.

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