Five Important Questions you Should ask Before Choosing a Tally on Cloud Provider

Five Important Questions you Should ask Before Choosing a Tally on Cloud Provider

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Tally Cloud cost economically?  With the introduction of Cloud technologystoring and processing things online have become effective and productive as it cuts off the high maintenance costs of storage and increases the convenience of performing transactions online. It has reduced the chances of latencies and is considered. a prominent tool for SMES Cloud technology can be defined in many ways this technology enables us to get hosted somewhere either on our infrastructure or on any rented infrastructure. In fact, Tally Cloud cost economically any application running in a browser or storing data somewhere online can be termed a Cloud application.


Cloud technology has evolved changing the way of all business function earlier. Be it e-commerce business or Google Documents, Gmail, and many other applications used widely by businesses now. Tally is the most prominent software for accounting and auditing purposes have been a boon to various organizations and accountants for evaluating their accounting and financial performance. Therefore, is the combination of Cloud technology and Tally ERP i.e. Tally on cloud can be feasible or not?

The question arises, whether Accounts can be managed and kept on Tally online. Well, tallying on a cloud right from its introduction has created a wide scope and demand for itself as it has proved to be an effective tool for businesses. Tally on Cloud is being preferred by companies because of its zero maintenance costs and hardware installation as everything is managed by the service provider online.

Five Important Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Tally On Cloud Provider

All that is needed is to choose an appropriate service provider who can look after your data and functioning are properly and help you to benefit from its services. Therefore, to choose a particular tally on a cloud provider, you should ask the following five questions:-

Tally on cloud provider

 1. Is my data secured from data disasters and hackers?

You should make sure that the service provider you choose ensures you with proper cloud data backup plans and disaster recovery mechanisms. You should also look that your service provider doesn’t keep the server in the office instead of data centers and get a live IP from there.

2. Is my data ensured with the utmost privacy?

There are instances where various Cloud providers put one server for multiple uses of others too. This can turn out to be hazardous to your data’s privacy. You should consider service providers having a rock-solid secure environment for data for each and every client hosted on the server. You should look out for those service providers who maintain individual virtual machines for every client. Also, consider that your provider allows you to restrict access to your tally from certain IP addresses.

3. Will the services suit my budget?

Employing services of tally on the cloud does consist of certain initial costs but these costs act as a one-time investment unlike you install hardware and incurring regular maintenance charges. So most probably tallying on cloud providers will provide you with cost-effective plans, but you should compare the cost and services from different providers and then come up with a decision.

4. Is the service being used legally?

There happen to be Cloud providers who run their servers on pirated Windows and grant RDP access to their clients. This makes you equally liable for the crime of using pirated versions. You should make sure that you choose a service provider who doesn’t run their servers on piracies. Also, check whether there is a serial no. under which your tally is registered. You yourself should also make sure that you have a tally license to comply with the legal regulations.

5. Is the service fast?

You should proper questioning your service provider to check whether it uses shared hosting with regular hard disks which would make your cloud service slow. Make sure that you look out for professional services providing you with fast SAN-based storage on SAS or SSD.

Tallystack Tally on cloud service


The above five questions should be on your list always while choosing a tally on the cloud service provider.  is known for its cloud technologies and provides the best-in-class services of tally on the cloud at affordable prices. So get your plan from Tallystack today and get the benefit of efficient features of Tally on the cloud.

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