Tally On Mobile

Tally On Mobile

Supports Data Entry

Biz-Analyst allows you to Create Quotations, Sales orders, Purchases Orders, Purchase invoices, Sales Invoices, Receipts & Payments from the app which Syncs automatically with Tally. You can Share all reports instantly via Whatsapp, Email, or by SMS. BizAnalyst Save time & reduce errors.

Top Report

Treat the ones on the top! Biz Analyst lets you get reports of top customers (sales), suppliers (purchase), items sold, and items purchased. Filter Data by top 5, 10, 30, 50, and 100, or choose a custom time period. Share the reports as Excel or PDF.

Expense Report

Biz Analyst understands that for a business, it is important to keep an eye on expenses. You can view direct/indirect expenses with selected time period and get reports of individual expenses, transactions and other details.


You can analyze your sales by location, stock item, or by month. Generate inactive customers list who have not ordered for a while Detailed Sales Analysis at the customer level will help you to Upsell stock items that you have not sold.

Sales Team Productivity

Salesmen can create various vouchers while visiting customers, Geo-tagged Check In/reports of customer visits with comments of each customer visit, BizAnalyst allows easy to assign Restricted access to the sales team so they can control only assigned customers.

Sales / Purchase Order Analysis

Insights are what drive a business forward. Biz Analyst offers complete sales/purchase order reporting up till the voucher details. You can also view the items ordered by batch and godown. Share the order report through Email, WhatsApp, etc.

Outstanding Reminder

You can Share payment reminders via email, Whatsapp, or SMS with a few clicks, BizAnalyst helps you to improve payment delays by 50%. By using this feature you can avoid poor cash flow because of delays in payments.

Daybook & Ledger Report

BizAnalyst Daybook and Ledger allow you to view all vouchers created during the selected time period or filter by available voucher types. Share the daybook/ledger report as Excel or PDF. Checking the opening and closing balance for the selected ledger and its transactions in the selected time period, drill down to transaction details.

Multiple Companies

With Biz Analyst, you can add multiple companies from your Tally ERP9. All you’ve to do is sync the list with the Biz Analyst desktop application and connect with the mobile app. You can view each company’s data separately by selecting the company from the menu on the Biz Analyst mobile application.

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