Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration How to send WhatsApp messages via Tally

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration How to send WhatsApp messages via Tally

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration              Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration is one of the few surprises that the new version of Tally Prime 4.0 is holding. Tally Prime 4.0 download would enable you to use the amazing dashboard, send WhatsApp messages, and import any voucher from Excel. These features you would find interesting as well as amazing. Let’s discuss these 3 features in great detail as well as other new things introduced in Tally Prime 4.0. I would start with Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration in this article and later on other articles, you would get shortly.

These features can be summed up as connect, automate, and visualize.

Connect with WhatsApp

Automate entries with Excel import to Tally and

Visualize your business reports with Dashboard.

Why I am saying these features as game game-changing? Because with these facilities your Tally would speak about your business and show you what you were missing to date and ease the workload.  Let’s see one by one how these features work.

WhatsApp via Tally: Now your Tally would talk!!

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration  Now you would be able to send reports, invoices, outstanding, etc via WhatsApp. Tally has tied up with Meta partner Interakt to provide this service. Now the feature here is not only that you can send your tally reports to your customers via WhatsApp but the feature here is that you can do it in a very systematic way and that too without any errors.

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration


While sending your WhatsApp messages you need not compromise with your own private number’s security. You would be using a separate no for whats app and that number can be used by multiple people and that too according to their rights and levels.

Although you can use multiple numbers to send WhatsApp it is not recommendable. The beauty of this feature in Tally Prime 4.0 is that many people can use the same number according to their departments and still there is no interference and they can work independently.

As ApniTally has evaluated this feature we have found that you can promote your business with this facility and now your Tally can help you in doing so. You need not be worried about blocking numbers and bulk sending is also possible.

This feature would be especially helpful in sending the outstanding statements. making marketing campaigns with our customers and other prospects.  The inbox feature of Interakt would help you to see the response via your computer and you don’t need any mobile device.

How to send WhatsApp messages via Tally Prime 4.0

How to send WhatsApp messages is very simple. After all your configuration is in place you have to press Ctrl+Alt+W and your current report or voucher will be sent to the relevant WhatsApp number.

To begin sending Whatsapp messages you need the following things :

A new number for WhatsApp. (Separate no would be fine as for existing no you would not be able to use WhatsApp messenger or Whats App business anymore.)

A meta account ( a separate business page would be needed.)

An internet account for which you have to raise a request with your Tally Partner.

You can ask ApniTally to be your Tally Partner, we will help you to set up your WhatsApp account.

Preparing your Tally for WhatsApp communication

Before setting up your WhatsApp number you have to first prepare your Tally for communicating via WhatsApp. The first step in this direction is setting up ledgers of individual parties. As you would be aware you can store all the contact details of your parties in Tally, You have to move one step further by adding the default mobile no. for WhatsApp communication. You would have an option to send WhatsApp to a single person as well as multiple persons.Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration

If you find that a particular report has to be sent to One person at one number then you have to configure one primary mobile number and all your WhatsApp communications would be done via that number only.

If you want to send one report or invoice to multiple nos, then this thing is also possible. Even if you want to send it to a set of default people then you can set this as a default setting also.

How to send one Invoice via WhatsApp message to multiple people in Tally Prime 4.0.

Sending a single invoice to multiple people is also possible in Tally Prime 4.0. You have to define the default multiple numbers in any ledger master and a message would be sent to all default numbers of that ledger.

In ledger master alter mode just press F12 and you will find these features.

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration

Just put Multiple Mobile Nos. to Yes and Set default WhatsApp No. to Yes. Now define your WhatsApp no. in that particular ledger.

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration

In the ledger master set provide multiple mobile nos to yes and then define the nos according to your need and then in default WhatsApp nos. you can define as many numbers you want to put in as default.

How to send Outstanding reminders via WhatsApp in  Tally Prime 4.0

Sending Outstanding reminders via WhatsApp in Tally Prime 4.0 is also very simple. Simply Go to the Outstanding receivables screen by pressing Alt+G at Gateway of Tally and typing Bills Receivables.

Tally Prime 4.0 WhatsApp integration

Then press Ctrl+Alt+W to send the WhatsApp messages. Make sure to complete the details of adding the phone numbers to individual ledgers.

In how many ways can you use the WhatsApp feature?

You can use this feature in multiple ways.

You can use it for sending Invoices which can have payment links and QRCodes in it and are digitally signed.

You can send Payment info and receipt notification.

You can send outstanding reminders to your customers in a single shot.

You can share the statement of Account with your parties.

Literally, you can send any screen in Tally Prime 4. o

Activate your WhatsApp in Your Tally Now.

If you want ApniTally to help you activate your WhatsApp in your Tally then just fill out the form below and submit. You will receive detailed instructions on how to do it and get a call from one of our executives soon to help you in the process.

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