Tally Prime Features & Difference from Tally ERP 9 – Tally ERP 9 Renewal

Tally Prime Features & Difference from Tally ERP 9 – Tally ERP 9 Renewal

Tally Prime Features & Difference from Tally ERP 9 – Tally ERP 9 Renewal

Tally Prime is the new software product from Tally Solution. Tally is the leading software solution in the field of business accounting. Tally is trusted by small as well as large businesses.
To maintain this trust, Tally has evolved or enhance its software day by day and release a new version from time to time.
But this time Tally has made major changes in their current software and publish it as completely new software, which is called Tally Prime.

What is Tally Prime?

Tally Prime is a new business management software from tally, which we can also call successor of the previous version which is Tally ERP 9 release 6.6.3. It enhances user experience with complete restructure of features.
It’s now become easier to learn. It comes with a new refreshing A to Z interface changes, which will delight you.
“In simple words, Tally Prime is the simplest and flexible version of Tally ERP 9 with a new look, but power-packed with new features also.”

Should you Upgrade to Tally Prime?

Tally Prime is for the professional not recommended for beginners. Because tally just simplify thing with Tally Prime, but the overall functionally is remained same.
So if you are a beginner, I suggest you learn Tally ERP 9 first. It will be easier than learning directly from Tally Prime.
If you are a professional or already a tally user then Tally Prime gives you a better experience than the older version.

How to Get Tally Prime?

There are 3 ways:

New License(Simply buy a new Tally Prime License)

Use in Education Mode(explained below)

Migrate you ERP 9 License into Tally Prime(explained below)

How to use Tally Prime as Education Mode?

Note: By Default, Tally Prime runs in Education mode.

Download Tally setup files from here.
Install it like normal software. It will not overnight your Tally ERP 9 data.
Open Tally Prime.
Click on the 1st button, which is T: Continue In Education Mode.
It will show a warning on the right bottom of the screen, don’t worry just press any key.
Now it will show the company selection menu which means your Tally Prime Education Mode is ready to use.

You can also visit for detailed tutorial about Tally Prime Education mode activation.

How to Upgrade / Migrate from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime?

Note: Your license is valid for one version at a time. This means, if you migrate your license to Tally Prime, your Tally ERP 9 will stop working and it will show a license surrendered message.

Download and install Tally Prime first.
Open Tally Prime and click on the 3rd button, which is R: Reactivation Existing License.
Make sure you have a valid license.
It will ask to restart your Tally Prime.
After Restart it will ask for your Tally.net Id and Password.
Now your License is successfully migrated from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime.
For the confirmation, the Tally Prime Edu logo on the left top is changed to whatever your previous license is valid for like for silver it will show Tally Prime Silver and for Gold, it will show Tally Prime Gold.

We already have a dedicated article about the installation, upgrade and activation of Tally Prime.

Tally Prime Features

Tally Prime is a Power Pack with new features, so here I’ll share the main features which I feel to share with you.

Feature 1:
Browse Feature for Company Selection

In Tally ERP 9, if you want to use company data stored on the different-different paths, then you have to change in Select Company path manually every time you use a company. It’s a very difficult task.
But now, Tally Prime has solved this issue with a new browse feature for company selection. Which means now you have no need to frequently change the path manually.
Just browse the company saves on any place on your computer and the path will automatically manage.
Whenever you open your Tally, it will automatically ask for the date you want to use.

Company Selection options

Here you can select the data either from your Drive, from any Specific Path or Remoter Company.

Select from Drive: It will show all drives of your computer and you can browse any data stored on this computer from here

Specify Path: If you the exact path of any data you can choose this option.

Select Remote Company: Allow you to use data stored on any remote location.

select company browse feature

Note: If you want to use Tally ERP 9 company in Tally Prime, it will ask to migrate first, at the time of migration it will also ask to save a backup of it or not. My recommendation is to back up the complete data before upgradations to Tally Prime.

Feature 2:
Shifted important features into Topbar menu

Tally has almost completely removed the right side vertical menu from most of the screen and introduces a new horizontal menu with commonly used features at top of every screen.

tally prime top menu bar

K: Company – Gateway of Tally > Company info. is a move to 1st place in the top menu.
Y: Data – All the company backup related option are moved to 2nd place in the top menu.
Z: Exchange – Gateway of Tally > Utilities > ImpOrt Data: This option is shifted to 3rd place with the name of Exchange in the top menu.
O: Import – It’s a new option that did not exist in Tally ERP 9.
E: Export – Tally has moved the previous version export option to here which is used to export masters and transactions.
M: Email – Email is the same as ERP 9, but time tally puts it on the main menu.
P: Print – Same as ERP 9 with a little bit tuneup, will discuss below.

F1: Help – Tally has move footer details of TDL, event log, repair, and migrate option here.

Feature 3:
Restructure of Gateways of Tally option

Tally has tried to keep Gateway of tally as it is with minor changes. So let discuss that.

In Masters, ERP 9 have only two options Accounts info. and Inventory info., but in the case of Prime, there are 3 options Create, Alter and CHart of Accounts.

Tally have restructured previous options and categories. All options related to Create/New moved into the Create option and the same happened for the Update/Change, moved into Alter option.

CHart of Accounts is a very important component of accounting. If we go to the Chart of Account option and select the Ledger option then it will show how many ledgers I have.

Similarly, if I go to Stock items, then it shows all the items/products/components created here group-wise in a single glance.

Similarly, in Transactions, Accounting Vouchers and InvenTory Vouchers are clubbed to Vouchers and Day BooK.

In Utility, BaNking is the same as previous BaNking.

Rest all options are the same in both ERP 9 and Prime.

gateway of tally

Feature 4:
GoTo [Multi Tasking]

GoTo is another very important feature, this will change the way of using accounting software.

Tally has introduced the G: GoTo option at the center of the top menu which is the key feature for multitasking.

So with the help of this GoTo feature, you can open as many reports without leaving any report. You can say all the reports a simultaneously open and you can easily switch between them without closing any previous report.

This is the best example of Multitasking.

show opened reports

You can simply click on GoTo again and click on very first option Show Opened Reports to check the open reports.

Feature 5:
Hold Vouchers

Now if you have already opened a voucher and want to create a new voucher without closing the current voucher. So you can now click on Create Voucher in the G: GoTo menu. It holds the previous voucher and opens a fresh new voucher for you.

The hold voucher will come back once you save your new voucher entry.

“It’s simply holding the old voucher and creating a new voucher.“

Feature 6:
Added new options in Vouchers

Tally has introduced a few new options in the company vouchers section in the right side vertical menu bar. Like, Change Mode, More Details, Other Vouchers, etc.
If we press the Alt button on the keyboard, options become changed and the same happened with the Ctrl button also. So basically it gives you an idea about the available options for you.

new options in Vouchers

Feature 7:
Verify or Audit Data

For this, we choose to Display More Reports from Gateway of Tally and you will see a new menu option added under Exception, which is Analysis & Verification.

After clicking Analysis & Verification, you will find the Data Analysis and Voucher Verification option use for verifying data and voucher.

In simple terms, we can call it to audit your data. This is a useful feature for owners, auditors, and other business professionals.

Verify or Audit Data

Feature 8:
Reduce Pages from Printout

If we have a bill with more them 60 items, then in print previous it will show you that the printer will use a minimum of 4 or more pages to print this bill.

But tally has introduced a fantastic feature in the Print > Configure called “Optimise printing to save paper”. Change it to YES and see the magic. The 4-page print now compresses into 2 and a half pages.

Reduce Pages from Printout

You can still reduce more page by deselecting items from the header for page 2 and onward pages. This means all heads will be print on the 1st page but you can control them on the 2nd and onward page what to print and what not to print.

For this, a new feature will highlight just next to the Optimise printing to save paper option, called “Choose details to show the second page onwards”. Once you change it to YES, it will open a new box and here you can decide what to print and whatnot.

print optimise configuration

Feature 9:
F1 Help become more useful in Topbar menu

Tally have shifted Event Log, Repair/Re-install Application, Repair and Migrate features into the troubleshooting option of the F1 Help menu.

F1 Help menu

If you want to activate the TDL you can make it done from the TDL & Add-on option of the F1 help menu

Feature 10:
Get all details in one place

Tally has added a new feature at the end of the F1 help menu, the name “ABout”.

It shows complete information in one place about Product, License, TDL & Add-on, Data, Connectivity and Tally Gateways Server details and your Computer.

Tally about

If you select Printer in Computer Information and press Shift + Enter, then it will show a complete list of installed printers on my computer.

Tally printers

Feature 11:
Copy-Paste Shortcut key changed

Tally has solved the biggest problem of tally users.
As every computer user knows for copy and pastes any data we use Ctrl + C for Copy and Ctrl + V for paste. But in case of Tally case is completely different, here we use Alt + Ctrl + C to copy and always remember it is very difficult.

But that the old days, now you can use some shortcut keys on the computer as well as in tally for Copy and Paste.

Feature 12:
Make Mouse more useable

Tally Prime comes with mouse-based features that mean you can now use the mouse as well as keyboard both simultaneously in Tally Prime.
Like in ERP 9, if you want to exit from Tally you just pressed the Esc button until you exit. But in the case of Prime, you can simply click on the cross option by mouse and it’s closed. That’s it.

Difference from Tally ERP 9

As we all know now Tally ERP 9 is evolve with complete new branding with a fresh logo and with new features.
So today I’ll show you what tally has changed from its previous version and how useful they are.

We will discuss all changes Point to Point, So here is the first impressive list of changes.

Difference from Tally ERP 9

Difference 1: Icon changed

Tally has completely replaced the old Tally ERP 9 icon with a new icon and uses fresh colors dark blue, sky blue and dark yellow color.

tally Icon changed

Difference 2: Interface changed completely

As we know Tally ERP 9 interface majorly designed with 3 colour shades dull green, faded green and light yellow body background. Which overall represent a dull appearance of tally software.

But now tally has completely broken the old dull appearance with a fresh vibrant colours use in Tally Prime. Majorly tally uses white body background and sky blue colours for the background of menus and yellow is used in menu selection.

Here in the below image, you can visually check the differences between both the interfaces.

tally Interface changed

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