Tally Sheet Magic – Excel Based Report Writer

Tally Sheet Magic – Excel Based Report Writer

Tally Sheet Magic is a reporting tool for Excel that will provide you with immediate business intelligence “out of the box”, enabling you to make critical decisions with confidence. Reports which are available in Tally, are in Tally’s standard formats and one might need the same report in User Modified Formats. As a result, the entire report is retyped with all the needed details in Excel. This means duplication of work and is a huge waste of productive man-hours.  R&D Team has designed this solution for Tally users who need to generate MIS Reports at will. “Sheet Magic” integrates seamlessly with Excel and the user can construct his own reports using data from Tally, without any programming knowledge!

Salient Features

  • The creation of reports does not require any programming knowledge. MS Excel is all that you need to know.
  • Use your existing report formats in MS Excel and instantly convert them into Sheet Magic reports.
  • Reports can be generated from any computer with “Sheet Magic“ software and without having Tally running on it.
  • Online generation of reports over the Internet. Sheet Magic connects to Tally over the Internet and generates reports.
  • Easily create and analyze complex multi-period & multi-company reports that would otherwise take many man-hours to produce.
  • Use Sheet Magic to construct balance sheets in schedule VI format or many such statutory reports.
  • Easily get reports related to your best and worst-performing products and/or customers.
  • Set Complex budgets and see actual v/s variance reports with ease.
  • Generate Charts in Excel with data from Tally

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