Tally Software Price List 2023

Tally Software Price List 2023


It is the most popular accounting software in India. Most CA’s recommended Tally Software to their Clients because they also use the Tally Auditor Version. Due to the use of Tally on both ends of Business Owner and CA’s, understanding the data becomes very easy.

Secondly, Tally solution gives Multi-User Tally to CA’s on the heavy discount rate. So the CA’s discount burden is ultimately passed on to the customer and it becomes costly.

It’s an example of a perfect marketing strategy. Give a discount to CA’s and they force business owners to buy Tally only.

Third and last, Tally is preferred mostly as an accounting software just because of simplicity, ease of operation, quick reliability and user friendly.

As compared to other accounting software Tally enables their features at one time, such as Job Costing, Cost Center, Bill of material, Payroll, Reconciliation, E-invoicing and many other features. While other software charges another extra cost for these features.


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