What is the Tally software price for CA’s? How to get TallyPrime Gold with 80% Discount for Chartered Accountants, know the step-by-step procedure.

What is the Tally software price for CA’s? How to get TallyPrime Gold with 80% Discount for Chartered Accountants, know the step-by-step procedure.


Tally is the most popular accounting software in India and surrounding countries. Out of every 10 businesses, 8 are using Tally to manage their business accounts. But this choice is not made by business owners themselves, it’s made by their CA’s. CA’s help them to file and manage their business compliances, so businesses trust them. They do step by step, what their CA’s instruct them. CA’s do this to save their time because managing data between client Tally to CA’s Tally is very easy and quick. 

This practice of CA’s helps Tally solution to generate regular new sales, so Tally also pays them back by offering a discount on the purchase of Tally for CA’s.

TallyPrime Gold for Chartered Accountants

Tally basically has 2 different types of software, one is Silver Tally also known as Single-user Tally and another one is Gold Tally known as Multi-user Tally. 

Small businesses generally use Silver Tally, whereas big corporates have a team of accountants that need Gold Tally. But for audit purposes, CA uses Multi-user Gold Tally which is called Auditor Tally.

Eligibility for TallyPrime Discount

Before starting please keep in mind that discount is available for CA firms and Individual CA only. 

In the case of Individual CA, “Discount is only available for full-time practicing CA’s with a valid FRN are eligible.”

In the case of CA Firm, “Discount is available for Proprietorship or Partnership firms registered with ICAI with verified Firm Registration Number (FRN).

Who are Not Eligible for TallyPrime Discount

Here is the list, of those who are not eligible for the discount:

  1. Non-practicing CA’s are not eligible for this discount.
  2. Part-time CA’s are not eligible for this discount.
  3. CA working in any company on the job are not eligible for discount.
  4. Full-time practicing CA who are partners in proprietary or partnership firms is not eligible for the individual license based on their membership number.
  5. The branch office of a CA Partnership firm that is not registered with ICAI Institute is not eligible.
  6. CA’s with a Firm registered as a Second Office with ICAI are not eligible.
  7. CA’s that previously avail this offer.

Check Eligibility for a TallyPrime Discount

If you don’t want to do the permutation combination of conditions to check the eligibility for CA Tally discount, then there is a simple way. 

Just click the below button and fill in the requested details, it will not only show the eligibility, but also it will give the maximum discount percentage you can get.

CA Tally Prime 80% discount scheme details 

Tally offer 80% discount as well as 50% discount with different conditions, so here are the details: 

Tally Prime Available on 80% Discount for CA’s

Tally Prime 80% discount is available for the full-time practicing CA’s with valid FRN and started their practics on or after January 1, 2015. They will get an 80% discount on the purchase of Tally.

    New Tally Cost = 54000 + GST(18%) = ₹63,720

     After 80% Discount = 10800 + GST(18%) = ₹12,744

Tally Prime with 50% Discount for CA’s

Tally Prime 50% discount is available for the full-time practicing CA’s with valid FRN and who started their practices before January 1, 2015. They will get a 50% discount on the purchase of Tally.

    New Tally Cost = 54000 + GST(18%) = ₹63,720

     After 50% Discount = 27000 + GST(18%) = ₹31,864

You can also use the above eligibility button link to check the maximum percentage you can get on your CA Tally. 

Document Require for TallyPrime CA 80% Discount

Tally has offered the discount to “Independent CA” as well as “CA Firm” with few conditions. Here is the list of documents required:

Document for Individual CA’s

These are the document required for Individual CA’s discounted Tally.

  1. CA Membership Card
  2. Enrollment Date
  3. Registered Email ID with ICAI
  4. Registered Mobile no with ICAI
  5. Date of Birth

These are only five details you need.

Document for CA Firm for Discounted Tally

These are the documents a CA firm needs to get the discounted Tally:

  1. CA firm with a valid FRN Card (Firm Registration Number Card)
  2. Membership Card
  3. Date of Establishment. 

Step by Step Process to get an 80% discount on Tally Software price for CA’s?

Online Purchasing of Tally is very easy. I am sharing a step-by-step guide with screenshots for a better understanding to get Tally Prime GOLD at an 80% Discount for CA. Before preceding, please make all the above-shared documents handy. Now let’s get started:

STEP 1: Click this link Tally CA Discount. It opens a form, please fill the form with the requested details and then click on the yellow button “Check Eligibility”.

STEP 2: After clicking on the “Check Eligibility” button, you will get an OTP on your mobile and email as well. Enter the OTP in the requested form and click on “Verify OTP”.

STEP 3: After successfully validating the OTP, it will show you a congratulation message with the Discount Percentage you are eligible for. If you want to buy it right away, then click on the “Proceed to Buy”, otherwise close it.

STEP 4: After that, it requests you to choose your Tally certified partner and select “PEARL COMPUTERS LAB” as the partner. 

STEP 5: A few more details are also requested. Like email id, mobile number same as provided earlier, billing details as per your CA firm, and payment option.

STEP 6: Now pay the amount and you will soon receive the activation key in your Email and you are ready to start.

Tally Renewal Price for CA

If you just bought Tally Prime GOLD for CA or you are already using the discounted CA Tally. Here is good news for you, you not only get the discount on your Tally purchase But also get a 50% discount every year on the Tally renewal price for CA as well.

         TallyPrime Gold Renewal Cost = 10800 + GST(18%) = ₹12,744

          After 50% Discount = 5400 + GST(18%) = ₹6,372


Well, after all, it’s a business, if you want to grow then you have to spend money either in terms of advertising or in terms of commission/discount to attract sales. So Tally has picked up both paths but takes discounts more seriously. 

In my opinion, it’s absolutely fair to offer a discount to distributors/agents/sales representatives or anyone who helps you to get new customers. 

Today I have tried to solve your all query related to the Tally Software price for CA. If you still have any doubt or feel that some piece is information is not up to the mark, please comment to us and we are happy to listen to you.


Q. Is Tally useful for CA?
A. Yes

Q. What is CA Tally?
A. It’s a Multi-User/GOLD Tally with audit features enabled. 

A. It’s a Multi-User/GOLD Tally with audit features enabled. 

Q. What is Tally CA Discount?
A. Tally gives software with 50% to 80% discount for CA’s.

Q. What is the Tally for CA 80% discount last date?
A. There is no last date but has a starting date of January 1, 2015, or after that.

Q. What is Tally ERP 9 software price for CA?
A. If CA is eligible for an 80% discount then its price is ₹12,744 and for a 50% discount, it’s ₹31,864.

Q. What is the Tally price for CA students?
A. CA students have the same price as anyone. Tally Silver is 18000+GST and Tally Gold is 54000+GST.

Q. What is the Tally discount for CA students?
A. Tally didn’t have any discount for Tally students. If they want, they can use the Tally free education version.

Q. Which version of Tally software is for CA students?
A. Tally Prime Gold is the version for CA students.

Q. What is Tally’s prime price for the CA member’s community?
A. CA can get up to 80% discount on their Tally Purchase.

Q. What is new is the CA Tally scheme in 2022?
A. Nothing special added to this scheme in 2022.


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